Quality leather shoes require routine care to revitalize them. By applying this care, leather shoes in almost all cases, end up looking much better than they were at purchase. This is what sets leather shoes apart from other shoe materials for upper. So it is very necessary to apply some polish on your leather shoes in a routine interval say, once a week, twice a week or as preferred. This can be any type of polish like wax or some other type. To some people it sounds like a very old practice, but this is very much relevant today as long as you have choosing to buy leather shoes. 

In this time when synthetic material has taken over the shoe market, there are still very few shoe retailers that are selling genuine leather shoes, like kisshoes.ch where you can confidently buy your genuine leather shoes. While most big shoe dealers manufacture or get their supplies from China and other countries specialized in synthetic materials, kisshoes.ch remains committed to manufacturing its shoes in Italy and so with genuine leather, made in old traditional Italian manufacturing technics. 

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