Who We Are is a Switzerland based enterprise in Wettingen. A young and with fast growing potential, creative and unique company that relates smartly and in special ways with suppliers to make high top-end footwear and shoe accessories that creates great value to its customers. Complementarily, it chooses the most effective and efficient means to deliver superior shoes to customers at a great value (fair price). 

With the focus to creating and offering value operates responsibly by placing sustainability ahead of its objectives and to be committed to being socially responsible. In practical terms, is working with top brands that are committed to quality and produce with sustainable material. This also means working only with suppliers producing within Europe. utilizes the power and experience of purchasing expertise to make decisions that can save costs to our customers on their purchase. The commitment to ensure smart process and sustainable quality products, doesn’t distract us from maintaining top-class quality shoes with the best aesthetics design that delivers comfort to feet, all at a great price.

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