Real leather or Leather-look

LEATHER is a natural material. When it is used in making a shoe, begins another kind of life. Like any other living thing, nourishment sustains life and keeps it going. In order to keep your shoes sustained and healthy, You need to give them the kind of nourishment they require. Having said that, it is important to maintain leather shoes appropriately by cleaning them, polishing and storing them correctly.

Leather shoes cost more than other shoes made from other material, they outlast them as well and does not impact the environment as negatively as some other materials do. Today a lot of shoe products exists which are made with leather resemblance material. Many people are deceived into believing such are leather. No matter how good this material look like leather, their difference with real leather is huge. They don't belong to class of leather and would not be referred to as living because they are not natural.  

Polish and store your shoes appropriately

Do not store your shoes in shoe boxes. Storing leather shoes in its original packaging for long periods of time will harm the materials because of humidity. Keep them on the shoe box, if you want to keep the original shoe box or on a shoe rack instead.

Use shoe tree

Put shoe stretchers in your shoes. After conditioning and cleaning, shoe trees are the best thing you can do for your footwear. They retain the shape of the shoe, reduce creases, and naturally absorb moisture/odors.

Give your shoes some days off

Give your shoes some days off. Wearing them three weeks straight is definitely not going to prolong their life. Give them few days  chance to "breathe"

Wear your shoes with shoe horn

Make use of shoe horn when putting on your shoes. It will make it easy for you and reduce the chance of harming your shoes. 


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