Reasonably Priced

Our philosophy is to make high quality classical shoes easily affordable and the commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of our products which is why we produce only in west Europe.

We are able to improve our product price by doing the following:

Removing unnecessary logistics processes which doesn't add value to our customers. We use third party professional logistics services to handle our logistics and transportation needs. They are more efficient and can take advantage of economy of scale.

Using our procurement expertise, we link our customers directly to high-end quality shoes producers within Europe. Those with decades experience in shoes productions. Our customers are satisfied with the value they get.

We understand the need to inform correctly our customers of our beautiful products. But we think unnecessary cost burden should not be added to our product. We don't run crazy advertisement, no product cosmetics. Our product images are real and natural. We present them vividly to you, so that you can make informed decision. We want that the product you get is better that what you expect to get.

Our prices are transperent, no hidden costs.


Customer satisfaction

At the top of our goal is to ensure our customers satisfaction. All we do around the clock is towards achieving this single goal.

Our shop is 100% Swiss shop. We offer secure payment gateway through PostFinance. Our webhost is situated in Switzerland.

And for this purpose, we provide you friendly and easy to navigate website. Our checkout reduces 5 steps payment process to just 2 steps, without reducing information important for customers, nor those required by law.

We ensure that all products from our partners ensure maximum wearing comfort. The best steps are taken to ensure that designs and forms are tested to guarantee maximum comfort to the feet.

We make sure that description and visual presentation of our products helps you to make your decision. We want to see that what is delivered to you is better than what you expect to get.

Our return policy allows you to return our products back, should they not meet your requirement.

You can make the choice of shopping as a guest without giving full detailed information about yourself. Other options are to log in with google or Facebook account. It makes the hassle of log in pretty easy.

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