Our services include supporting local shoe shops getting the right solution to the challenges for procuring their shoes and shoe accessories. We work together with existing local shoe shops and new entrants into shoe business. 

Shoes businesses are facing a very harsh competition as can be witnessed these days in the industry. Frustrations are mounting on many businesses and some are deciding for exit without proper evaluating of all options. There may be options that does not necessarily require new capital or minimal capital. Evaluating some of these options could save a business from untimely exit. 

In the case of new entrants, it is important that they understand very well the business environment before deciding to step in fully. That said, understanding shoes market - to have a clear understanding of the product, knowing also who the target customers are prerequisite. Above all, deciding for a smart option that requires a step by step entry into the business is a success factor. There is no need putting all eggs in one basket.

There is actually a key word for a successful business today. Collaboration. There may be various ways of implementing it. In any case it requires partnership and teamwork.  

As an extension of our services, we carter for bulk order to cherished customers.

Depending on what your needs and requirements are, we provide you expediently with bulk orders that fulfil your requirements. 

Irrespective of the purpose for the bulk order, for resale, for group event or other purposes, the quality of our shoes remain outstanding.

We want to collaborate and partner with businesses who share our value. So, in case you have a dream and need a team to help deliver your dreams, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out for us.

For many years working with various suppliers, we understand very much the suppliers, the product and the market environment for product and suppliers.

We will apply this experience in your individual product and suppliers needs and support you navigate through the most challenging resource consuming aspect of dealing with suppliers. 

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